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Just For A Laugh! - Outhouse Edition

“From witty quotes like "Gone fishin'...for a good time" to creative names like "The Think Tank" or "The Throne Room," individuals have embraced the opportunity to showcase their sense of humor. Some outhouses feature amusing illustrations or caricatures, turning the exterior into a canvas for comedic expression. These humorous touches not only entertain visitors but also create a lighthearted atmosphere, making the necessary trip to the outhouse a more enjoyable experience.

Ultimately, the incorporation of humor into outhouse design serves as a testament to human creativity and the ability to find joy in even the most unexpected places. It turns a simple necessity into a source of laughter and adds a touch of personality to an otherwise unremarkable structure.

Here are a few examples that we have spotted in our travels across Canada. If you have a photo that fits the description, please send it along and we would be happy to share on this page.”